ACS Laboratory And Automatic Slims Metaverse Marketplace Release A Cannabis-Branded NFT At MJBizCon


ACS Laboratory pioneers dropping a cannabis-branded NFT collection for physical product redemptions at the world’s largest cannabis industry B2B event, MJBizCon.

MIAMI, FLA. ― (Nov. 10, 2022) ― ACS Laboratory, the largest hemp and cannabis testing facility in the eastern U.S. and the first laboratory in the metaverse, is pleased to announce its “Automatic Slims Limonene Stand,” with a live NFT drop with Pure Blanco, at MJBizCon’s three-day mega-conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This metaverse-powered activation marks the first physical-to-virtual event with Decentraland’s Automatic Slims Metaverse Marketplace.

The “Automatic Slims Limonene Stand” is a real-world pop-up of a terpene-inspired take on the classic lemonade version, which will stand in neon lights at ACS Laboratory’s booth, #7046. Attendees can walk up to the Limonene Stand touchscreen, virtually tour Automatic Slims Cannabis Market Place and purchase NFTs from Pure Blanco, a nationally featured cannabis brand. Pure Blanco is launching its new Delta-9 hemp gummy blends and will release an exclusive NFT that unlocks a bag of gummies to the buyer.

ACS Laboratory and Automatic Slims will drop this collection live during the conference, allowing attendees to explore unique offerings throughout the week. Digital wallets will be required to transfer the NFT ownership to the purchaser, and those wallets will be free for those buyers that do not currently own one.

Last month ACS Laboratory, in partnership with Blockticity, launched the Automatic Slims Cannabis Metaverse Marketplace featuring four floors of dynamic experiences merging retail, education, and entertainment.

Over 500 visitors (in avatar form) explored the space, participated in quests for prizes, listened to DJ DMS spinning live, and received hemp and cannabis NFTs for physical redemptions. By the end of the event, Automatic Slims transferred 2,100 NFTs to attendees. Additionally, cannabis manufacturer, The Galley, launched its first NFT with a legal cannabis prize redemption transacted through Metrc – a cannabis regulatory system.

“ACS Laboratory’s co-branded Automatic Slims’ Limonene Stand is the next activation in a series of events symbolizing a new era for the cannabis industry,” said Roger Brown, President of ACS Laboratory. “We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of compliant metaverse sales and look forward to partnering with brands to expand their digital reach.”

Visit the Automatic Slims Limonene Popup Stand at ACS Laboratory’s MJBizCon Booth #7046, located in the South Hall Upper Level of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show takes place from November 15 to 18.

About ACS Laboratory

The Most Trusted Cannabis and Hemp Laboratory in the USA™, ACS Laboratory has earned 61 Emerald Test Badges for accuracy in testing in 2019, 2020, and 2021, more than any other laboratory in the USA. ACS Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliant, DEA licensed, and CLIA licensed with the largest state-of-the-art facility in the eastern USA. Compliant with the USDA’s rules for hemp testing, ACS is also approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture as a “Designated Compliance Laboratory” and deemed a “Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory” by the Florida Department of Health. Due to its success, ACS Laboratory has undergone a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion and increased its reach to 48 states and 16 countries worldwide. Beyond compliance, ACS is committed to innovation, which is why it tests for more cannabinoids than any lab in the country and continuously develops new protocols to analyze lesser-known toxins. Its facility utilizes industry-leading ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and gas chromatograph technology with proprietary protocols to ensure accurate detection and quantitation. Please read our blog for up-to-date information on hemp and cannabis science and laboratory testing. For an inside look behind the scenes, check out this video. For more information, visit, or call (561) 510-8396.

About Blockticity

Blockticity is the leader in guaranteed certificates of authenticity for the most valuable possessions, providing a different approach to credibility with error-proof certifications through blockchain verification technology. Blockticity provides the platform for the first-ever cannabis and hemp industry blockchain-verified certificate of analysis (COA) NFT drop, signifying the beginning of this emerging industry’s need for compliance. For more information, visit

About Automatic Slims

Automatic Slims is an American Lifestyle Brand focused on creative designs and activations in the Meta and Physical Worlds. We are inspired by the authentic music, art and custom culture that grew from garage bands, underground nightclubs and house parties and have shaped young generations’ outlook on who they want to be. Visit

Media Contact:

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954-723-9350 /

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