Concentration 2019: A Cannabis Extraction Conference

Concentration 2019: A Cannabis Extraction Conference

With the interest in medical marijuana spreading widely across the country, who doesn’t want a piece of the growing industry?  

Extraction of THC and CBDs is a niche that offers great potential. Consumers are changing the way they shop and consume, as well as paying closer attention to what is in the products they buy.  

Thus, those who want to be at the forefront of the industry must constantly evolve and modify their processes and quality control.

What are the latest regulations and standards? How to minimize overhead costs? Are there any new developments in testing flowers and extracts?

What are the latest innovations in extraction techniques?

Well, you can find cannabis experts with these answers at Concentration 2019, THE PREMIER Cannabis Extraction Conference.

Mace Media’s Expo Tour

Concentration 2019 is a 2 day event held at the Pala Casino Spa & Resort May 30 & 31, featuring keynote speakers and demos from the industry’s top experts. The event is put on by Mace Media, a publication company featuring Extraction Magazine, Terpenes and Testing, and Cannabinoid Medical Journal.  

Their titles make up the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry’s biggest collections of print and digital media. They are putting on ten expos this year. Concentration 2019 sponsors were carefully selected according to Mace Media’s vision for the future in cannabis concentrates and extracts.

Extraction Analysis

Among them, ACS Lab Cannabis is the official Lab Testing Partner and Swag Bag Sponsor.  Registrants can pick up their swag bags (obviously made from 100% sustainable material) at the Registration Desk.  

Concentration 2019 will feature two ACS Lab executives speaking, Roger Brown and Jonathan Brown. The father/son team is rapidly acquiring clients from the West Coast with their cutting-edge testing techniques and reproducible, accurate results. You can also check out ACS Laboratory at Booth 707 in the main hall of the show.  


Leading the Industry’s Analytical Science

Roger Brown founded ACS Labs in 2008, and it is now the largest testing facility in the Southeast, providing cannabis testing for hundreds of extraction companies nationwide and most of the growers in Florida.  The 20,000 square foot clinical lab in Sun City, FL provides testing far beyond industry standards and strives to make test results easily available to their customers and consumers.

Mr. Brown, CEO of ACS helps guide developing regulations over products to ensure the safety of end consumers when different products hit the market.

Jonathan Brown, Director of Business Development at ACS Lab will be at the Demo Stage directly after the initial keynote speaker on May 30th, discussing third party testing of extracts. There is an overwhelming and diverse array of products containing cannabinoid extracts out there, including edibles, inhalables, lotions, and tinctures. How can someone be sure the product they purchase is safe for consumption?

Jonathan represents an industry leader in cutting edge independent third party testing of potency, pesticides, heavy metals, terpenes, pathogens, micronutrients, flavonoids, and more.  ACS Lab Cannabis is committed to defining industry standards on product authentication. With third party validation, you know exactly what is in your cannabis, CBD, or hemp product, reducing the harm for end consumers.


Gold Seal

As with many industries in their growing adolescent stage, the intricacies of day-to day business change and evolve over time.  Whether small business extractor or cutting edge developer, regulatory advocate or laboratory scientist, recently certified or veteran cannabis seller, the greatest minds in the industry convene next week in Pala, CA to collaborate, educate, and solve the complexities of navigating our nation’s Cannabis, hemp and CBD industry.  

Can ACS Lab Cannabis take home the gold standard for Best Analytical Laboratory? Stick around for the After Party Awards Show Thursday night at 7pm to find out!


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