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Mycotoxins are contaminants that naturally occur in molds and fungi, which decompose organic matter. You can find molds that contain mycotoxins in a variety of crops such as nuts, spices, apples and coffee beans. You can also find mycotoxins in cannabis flower and its derivative products such as oils, edibles, tinctures and creams. Your hemp or cannabis products are especially at risk for mycotoxins in warm and humid environments.

Mycotoxins can be very harmful to humans, especially in cases of long-term exposure, so you want to be sure that your products are safe for use. Regardless of how carefully you produce and store your cannabis, or how much you trust your business partner’s cultivation methods, you can never be sure that your product is safe until you test with an accredited laboratory like ACS.
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What We Test?

We test cannabis and hemp: Flowers/Plants, Derivative Products and Edibles

What We Test For?

Water Activity and Moisture tests include the quantitative detection of the following.

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Aflatoxins B1
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Aflatoxins B2
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Aflatoxins G1
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Aflatoxins G2
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Ochratoxin A

How we test?

We analyze flower, biomass, derivatives and edibles for mycotoxins using the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry LC/MS method. We extract the cannabis sample using a clean solvent, then quantify trace levels of mycotoxins using this standard testing protocol.
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How to submit a sample for testing

The process to submit a sample of your flower or product is easy. Simply request your test and we’ll review the submission process or arrange to collect a sample right away.
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The Cannabinoid Guide

The definitive resource on leading major and minor cannabinoids, how they work in the body, and what to test for.
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Why It Matters?

Mycotoxins contain carcinogenic and mutagenic properties that can cause the development of cancerous cells and damage the structure of your DNA. If your customers inhale or ingest compromised products, they can also become sick and nauseous. Nausea and vomiting are the precise symptoms that many medical cannabis patients seek relief from, so they need to be sure that your product is clean. Mycotoxin testing will guarantee that your hemp or cannabis products are safe and effective for consumption.
Currently, there are no federal standards related to mycotoxin testing for cannabis because marijuana is still federally banned.

At a state level, medical cannabis and hemp in Florida must be tested for the following mycotoxins to ensure they are below the acceptable safety limits.  

Total Aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2) = 20 parts per billion
Total Ochratoxin = 20 parts per billion

While states and the federal government continue to finalize laws, you want to be sure that your product is ready for sale. Moreover, your customers want proof that their hemp or cannabis product is free of this harmful toxin.

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