ACS Enters New York’s Revamped Hemp Market as a Certified Testing Laboratory

ACS Enters New York’s Revamped Hemp Market as a Certified Testing Laboratory

In this post:

  • Expanded full-panel potency testing
  • How we passed New York’s application
  • Hemp products we can test for in New York
  • Our expanded New York hemp COA
  • ACS and New York’s Hemp and Cannabis Market

At ACS Laboratory, we’re excited to announce our acceptance into New York’s hemp market as a state-certified third-party testing laboratory. To receive this designation, we enhanced our Certificate of Analysis, added more potency analytes to our full panel test, and completed an intensive application.

As a result, we’re ready to help New York farmers, processors, manufacturers, brands, and retailers deliver quality hemp products backed by the nation’s leading testing facility. Simultaneously, we’re looking ahead to New York’s fast-approaching adult-use market and can’t wait to grow with the industry.

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ACS’s Expanded Full Panel Test for New York Hemp

Before receiving the New York hemp testing certification, our standard full compliance potency panel included 11 cannabinoids. However, New York required 16 cannabinoids, so we added five additional analytes to our standard potency testing package. This comprehensive analysis now comprises:

  1. THCA-A
  2. Delta-9 THC
  3. THCV
  4. CBC
  5. CBCV
  6. CBT
  7. CBN
  8. CBL
  9. CBGV
  10. CBGM
  11. CBG
  12. CBE
  13. CBDV
  14. CBDA
  15. CBD
  16. CBV

Reflecting our commitment to precision testing, we proved our ability to accurately quantify these major and minor cannabinoids using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with ultraviolet detection. Further evidence is in our 61 Emerald Awards for testing accuracy.

Passing New York’s Hemp Licensing Program Testing Laboratory Application

Our ACS team completed an application proving our skills, resources, systems, and certifications to receive our New York testing license. For example, we needed to show that we are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and DEA registered.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited certification proves that we have a sound quality management system and can provide accurate testing and calibration results competently. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited means we perform on par with international standards, delivering compliant service for all governmental and regulatory agencies.

DEA certification demonstrates that we can safely and accurately test all controlled substances based on Good Manufacturing Standards (GMP). In addition, the designation proves our facility has never been suspended or criminally negligent, including no prior federal convictions. DEA registration is critical and required for all New York laboratories after December, 31, 2022.

To pass the application phase, we also showed that we could follow New York’s requirements for:

  1. Analytical THC testing on a dry weight basis
  2. Sample preparation of pre or post-harvest samples
  3. Delivering Chain of Custody forms and Certificates of Analysis
  4. USDA test results submissions
  5. Disposal procedures for non-compliant samples
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New York Hemp Products We Test For

Our New York certified laboratory status allows us to test hemp biomass, flower, extracts, oils, and all hemp-derived products in the state, ensuring their safety and compliance.

Below is our New York optimized COA, which is now available in English and Spanish. This compliant COA features all 16 cannabinoids along with test results for microbiology (bacteria and yeast), E.Coli or Salmonella pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and residual solvents.

Our New York Certificate of Analysis (Page 1 Preview)

ACS Laboratory Blog Image - Sample New York Certificate of Analysis (COA)

The Bottom Line: ACS and New York's Hemp and Cannabis Market

At ACS, we’re thrilled to start serving hemp growers and companies with high-quality testing in this trailblazing state. Along with New York’s revamped hemp program, its incredible cannabis social equity initiative has given hemp farmers first access to apply for adult-use licenses. We fully support this mission and look forward to partnering with New York cannabis laboratories to expand our New York footprint soon.

Let’s chat! If you’re a New York grower, processor, manufacturer, or retailer interested in testing with our award-winning organization, please contact us today. Additionally, if you’re a New York-based testing laboratory, we’d love to discuss a partnership.

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